Yew Pine Poisoning in Dogs


What is Yew Pine Poisoning?

Yew pine (Podocarpus macrophylla), part of the Podocarpaceae household, are evergreen shrubs or trees that have needle-like leaves and pods. All parts of the tree can be hazardous to dogs if consumed, with even percentages causing queasiness, throwing up, and diarrhea, potentially triggering dehydration in your pet dog. It is unclear what the chemical is within the yew pine that is toxic, nevertheless the greatest concentration of hazardous chemicals is in its cones. Primarily growing in the south and the west, the yew pine is ending up being more typical in specifies with warm environments. The cones might be thought about to be delicious by your pet dog, which might cause his consuming a deadly dosage in a short amount of time.

Yew pine, likewise known as Buddhist pine, are evergreen shrubs or trees, all parts of which can be hazardous to dogs when taken in, causing diarrhea and throwing up to name a few signs.

Signs of Yew Pine Poisoning in Dogs

There are a range of signs that might take place in your pet dog needs to he consume yew pine and will rely on which part of the plant he took in, just how much was consumed and his health prior to consuming the toxin. Signs might consist of the following:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Bigger students
  • Queasiness
  • Throwing Up
  • Dehydration (as an outcome of throwing up and diarrhea)
  • Problem breathing
  • Dilated students
  • Modifications in heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Tremblings
  • Weak Point
  • Coma 


The yew pine is likewise known by the following names: Buddhist pine, yew plum pine, fern pine, and Southern yew.

Reasons For Yew Pine Poisoning in Dogs

It is unclear what triggers the yew pine to be toxic. Several parts of the plant can be toxic to your pet dog to consist of:

  • Flowers
  • Fruit (greatest toxicity)
  • Leaf blades
  • Limbs
  • Seedlings

Medical Diagnosis of Yew Pine Poisoning in Dogs

Ought to you see that your pet dog has actually consumed yew pine, or think that he might have, it is necessary that you bring him to the vet. It is best to bring a part of the plant you saw your pet dog consume or think that he did consume, so that your vet will have the ability to see what was most likely consumed that resulted in his illness. The faster that your pet dog can be identified, the faster he will have the ability to start treatment. Your vet will initially perform a physical examination. An electrocardiogram (ECG) will be carried out needs to your pet dog have any heart signs liked an increased or reduced heart rate. This will permit your pet dog’s heart rate to be kept an eye on. Your pet dog’s temperature level will be taken, together with his high blood pressure, and blood oxygen level. An oral assessment might happen, along with a vision and reflex test. You will wish to be prepared to go over with your vet what signs you have actually discovered and when you initially observed them. The following lab tests might be carried out:

  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal assessment
  • Total blood count
  • Biochemistry profile
  • Blood gas panel
  • Glucose level
  • Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
  • Endoscopy (to look for any residues of the plant or fruit in his respiratory tract and esophagus)
  • Chest and stomach x-rays
  • CT scan
  • Ultrasound

Treatment of Yew Pine Poisoning in Dogs

In order to get the toxin out of your pet dog’s system, your vet will cause throwing up (if your pet dog has actually not currently been doing so on his own). A stomach lavage might be carried out next in order to rid your pet dog’s stomach of the toxic substances from the yew pine. Your vet might utilize triggered charcoal in order to absorb the toxic substances and keep them from being soaked up into your pet dog’s stomach or any of his other tissues. 

Ought to your pet dog have actually been experiencing convulsions, your vet will think about administering paraldehyde intravenously. This will minimize the stress and anxiety your pet dog is experiencing and assist him to unwind. Relying on his signs, your pet dog might be kept over night for observation.

Healing of Yew Pine Poisoning in Dogs

When your vet has actually launched your pet dog to go house, it will be necessary that you keep him relax for a couple of days while he recuperates from his health problem. Resting in a dog crate might be suggested in order to restrict his activity. Fresh water needs to be offered to your pet dog routinely and a boring diet plan will likely be suggested for about a week. Your vet will offer you with details on how to finest assist your pet dog as he recuperates, along with let you understand about when you need to return with your pet dog for a follow-up consultation.

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