Tibetan Terrier Grooming: The Essential Guide with Pictures of Haircut Styles


The Tibetan terrier is one of the earliest and most precious pet dog breeds on the planet. Referred to as the “Holy Dog of Tibet,” this pet dog functioned as both a guard and a buddy to the Buddhist monks who resided in the abbeys over 2000 years earlier.

Today, the Tibetan terrier is known as a caring, devoted, and smart pet dog that offers limitless home entertainment and friendship. They’re likewise known for their long, elegant coat (it was cold up in those abbeys!)—which, while excellent, certainly take some grooming, cutting, and forming to look its finest.

Let’s take a take a look at some grooming essentials for this precious breed (consisting of the hairdos you’re certainly going to wish to attempt with your TT):

Tibetan terrier grooming essentials

The Tibetan terrier has a double coat that, when enabled to grow, can quickly touch the flooring. The undercoat is a natural wool insulator (once again, for security from the cold!), while their leading coat is normally softer. The texture of this pet dog’s hair can run the range. Some pets have a curlier, coarser texture while other puppies have a softer, straighter look.

The TT’s coat will require routine brushing to keep matting at bay. The longer the coat, the regularly you must prepare to brush your pet dog. If your pet dog has a full-length haircut, strategy to brush them daily. Thankfully, this a low-shedding breed currently and shedding will be even less with routine brushing.

As far as bathing goes, strategy to shower your TT routinely, a minimum of a couple of times every month and more if you arrange muddy journeys to the pet dog park. Clean your animal’s coat completely with dog-formulated hair shampoo, conditioner, or other cleaning items and wash out totally.

When bath time is over, invest plenty of time drying off your pet dog. That most likely indicates a blowdry with a dog-safe clothes dryer. Due to the fact that the Tibetan terrier has such a major coat, it can take a long period of time to dry, and your pet dog can feel cold and unpleasant if delegated air dry.

You must likewise make certain to provide your pet dog routine nail trims. An excellent guideline of thumb? If you can hear their nails on the flooring, their nails are too long—and it’s time to get your nail clippers.

Last, however not least is, of course, routine hairstyles. Due to the fact that their hair grows rapidly and completely—and will grow to the ground if you enable it—it’s important to arrange routine trims with an expert groomer.

Leading Tibetan terrier hairstyles

As discussed, Tibetan terriers are a breed that require routine hairstyles. However not all hairstyles are produced equivalent, so which should you get for your animal?

Let’s take a take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles for this full-coated breed:

Tibetan terrier haircut #1: Puppy cut


The puppy cut is a popular design for a range of pet dog breeds, consisting of the Tibetan terrier. And for great factor! This hairdo, which keeps the coat even and short throughout the face and body (normally in between one and 2 inches of length) is not just simple to take care of, however it likewise permits your animal’s lovable face to take spotlight.

While this hairdo is low-maintenance (particularly when compared to longer cuts), you’ll require to prepare routine trims to keep the length great and short.

Tibetan terrier haircut #2: Program cut


TTs are a preferred at pet dog programs—and this hairdo is one of the primary reasons that.

When delegated grow, this breed’s coat grows incredibly long—all the way to the ground. These streaming locks are typically called a TT’s “show cut.”

This hairdo is classified by a coat that hangs off the body and down to the flooring. The face is normally kept long and parted down the middle to enable the pet dog to see .

The crucial to success with this hairdo? Continuous grooming. Strategy to arrange routine sessions with an expert groomer. You’ll likewise need to brush your TT day-to-day (often numerous times a day!) to keep their coat smooth, glossy, and tangle-free.

Tibetan terrier haircut #3: Casual cut

Flickr/Alasdair Mckenzie

If you believe the puppy cut is too short and doing your pet dog’s stunning locks an injustice, however you likewise believe the program cut is simply too involved and high-maintenance for you to in fact take care of, attempt the casual cut.

The casual cut is kind of a middle ground in between the puppy cut and the program cut. Comparable to the puppy cut, this hairdo is normally the very same length all over—however unlike the puppy cut, this design maintains more length (normally around 4 to 5 inches). While you need to brush this cut routinely to avoid matting, it’s certainly not as included as the program cut—however will assist your animal display those longer locks the TT is known for. And the very best part? Due to the fact that you’re not attempting to keep it extremely short (like the puppy cut), you can extend your time in between trims a bit longer.

Believe of the casual cut as the Goldilocks of hair trims for your Tibetan terrier. Not too short, not too long…however ideal.

Required Pet Grooming?

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