Schnoodle Haircuts: Grooming Tips and Hairstyle Pictures


What do you get when you blend a poodle with a schnauzer? That may seem like the set-up for a joke (and an impressive punchline!), however the fact is: you get among the most cherished blended pet breeds in the world, the schnoodle.

These canines can be big (when reproduced from a basic poodle and huge schnauzer) or little (when reproduced from the tiny variations of their moms and dad breeds), however something holds true of all schnoodles—they have a coat that needs a great quantity of grooming from both their animal moms and dads and an expert groomer.

Let’s take a deep dive into all things schnoodle grooming, consisting of info on shedding, bathing, and the must-try hairdos for your animal.

Schnoodle grooming essentials

Like all hybrid canines, schnoodles are reproduced from 2 various breeds—which implies when it pertains to their coat, you’re never ever rather sure what you’re going to get. Some schnoodles acquire a wiry, double coat (thanks to their schnauzer heritage), while others more carefully resemble their poodle moms and dad, with a long, curlier coat. And other canines? They fall in between the 2, with some variation of both schnauzer/poodle attributes in their coat.

Wherever your pet falls on the spectrum, the bright side is that schnoodles, like their moms and dad breeds, don’t shed much. Nevertheless, due to the fact that their coat is usually curly or wavy and grows rapidly, they require routine brushing (a minimum of a couple of times a week) to keep tangles and matting at bay.

Schnoodles likewise require routine bathing—a minimum of once or two times a month (more if your pet gets additional unclean or muddy in between their routinely arranged baths). Bathing items (consisting of hair shampoo, conditioner, and any soaps) need to be particularly created for canines. Completely wash your puppy, as leaving excess item on the skin can trigger itching or inflammation. After the bath, dry your pet entirely—ideally with a dog-safe clothes dryer. Depending upon the length and density of their coat, your schnoodle might take rather a long time to air dry—and will feel cold and unpleasant throughout the procedure.

In addition to their regular bathing regimen, your schnoodle’s face will require some additional attention. This breed is vulnerable to getting tear spots listed below the eyes, specifically if their coat is a lighter color. To keep these spots from forming, strategy to clean your pet’s face every day, making certain to clean and clean the location underneath their eyes (however be mild!).

You’ll likewise require to routinely cut your pet’s nails (as a great guideline if you can hear their nails on the flooring, it’s time for a trim) and schedule routine journeys to the expert groomer for hairstyles—usually once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Leading schnoodle hairstyles

So, if you desire your puppy to look and feel their finest, you’ll require to arrange routine hairstyles. However what hairstyle is the ideal try to find your animal?

Here are a few of the leading schnoodle hairstyles you’ll absolutely wish to think about for your pet.

Schnoodle hairstyle #1: Puppy cut

Flickr/Gregg O’Connell

The puppy cut is among the most flexible and popular pet hairdos out there. And for great factor! This design deals with a range of breeds and coats and it’s perhaps the most low-maintenance trim you can get your puppy.

The puppy cut keeps the pet’s coat at an even, short length (usually in between one and 2 inches) throughout the whole face and body. Less hair implies less brushing and grooming—and less work for you! The only thing to remember with this hairstyle? If you wish to keep your pet’s hair good and short, you’ll require to arrange routine trims with an expert groomer.

Schnoodle hairstyle #2: Teddy bear cut

Flickr/Noah Beckett

The teddy bear cut is a small variation on the puppy cut. This design keeps the coat short around the body however includes a little bit more length, shaping, and structure around the face. This offers the pet a lovable look not unlike a teddy bear—thus the hairstyle’s name.

The teddy bear cut is a preferred for schnoodles due to the fact that it permits the pet’s signature “mustache” (thanks to the breed’s schnauzer origins) to take spotlight. Simply ensure to brush out the location around your animal’s face; otherwise, the included length can get twisted.

Schnoodle hairstyle #3: Shaggy


Some animal owners like to let their pet’s coat grow long and loose—and if that seems like you, you’ll absolutely wish to check out a shaggier hairstyle for your schnoodle.

This hairstyle permits more length around both the face and body. The coat will usually take on a more wavy or curly texture, producing a total shaggy look. If you do choose to go this path, you can get away with less regular trims—however simply remember that the more length you contribute to your pet’s coat, the more often you’ll need to brush them to keep them devoid of tangles and matting.

Required Pet Grooming?

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