Psychogenic Polydipsia in Dogs


What is Psychogenic Polydipsia?

Polyuria and polydipsia, what is known as increased urination and increased drinking, can be a sign of a major medical concern such as diabetes.  Nevertheless, in some cases, every diagnostic test is carried out in order to eliminate all possible illness just to come to the conclusion it is behavioral.  This is known as psychogenic polydipsia.  

In healthy dogs who consume and urinate a lot, it can be due to dullness, absence of attention, or even if he likes drinking water.  In cases like this, there are alternatives you can attempt to suppress your pet dog’s habits to reduce the water consumption.  If you have the ability to discover the factor behind your pet dog’s requirement to consume a great deal of water, such as dullness, and you resolve it effectively, his diagnosis of healing is excellent.

If your pet dog consumes a lot and urinates frequently, it might be a sign of a medical concern.  If your pet dog has this habits, take him to his vet for an assessment.

Signs of Psychogenic Polydipsia in Dogs

Signs of this condition are generally simple.  Signs consist of:

  • Increased drinking
  • Increased urination
  • Might have urination mishaps in your home


Psychogenic polydipsia includes your pet dog drinking exceedingly without any obvious cause or factor.  It suggests there is absolutely nothing in fact systemically incorrect with your pet dog; he is not ill, he is consuming extreme quantities of water.  It is believed this condition can be behavioral in origin as a way to get your attention.  The signs can be comparable to diabetes or other health problems your pet dog can develop, nevertheless, these conditions will be eliminated throughout the vet’s diagnostic procedure.

Reasons For Psychogenic Polydipsia in Dogs

It is thought this condition might be triggered by your pet dog being tired, worried, or just due to the fact that he delights in drinking water.  Often it is thought to be a way for your family pet to try to get your attention.  Your pet dog consuming a lot suggests he will require to head out a lot more often. You needing to take him out for a potty break suggests you offer him attention whenever he heads out.  This can be particularly typical in dogs who are young however can likewise be detected in any pet dog of any age.

Medical Diagnosis of Psychogenic Polydipsia in Dogs

To start her diagnostic procedure, your vet will start by gathering a spoken history from you.  She will wish to know when your pet dog’s signs began, if other family pets in the home are experiencing comparable signs, if and how his signs have actually advanced given that beginning, and any other information that might assist with her medical diagnosis.  She will continue by carrying out a physical examination on your pet dog.  While his concern might be related to him requiring to urinate often she will wish to examine him over totally in order to look for other synchronised signs he might be experiencing.  She will keep in mind all of his signs as it will help her with her diagnostic procedure.

Lab diagnostic screening will consist generally of blood work and urine screening.  A total blood count (CBC) and chemistry panel are generally the very first blood work carried out when doing diagnostic screening. Your vet will likewise wish to gather a urine sample from your pet dog to carry out a urinalysis.  This will supply more details on kidney and bladder function.  This can validate or eliminate kidney dysfunction which can be triggered by a range of health problems.  

To identify if your pet dog has psychogenic polydipsia, your vet might wish to carry out a random serum osmolality test.  In theory, dogs with this condition are generally over hydrated with low serum salt concentration and low serum osmolality.  She might perform this test several times to look for modifications with and without water constraint.

The urinalysis will likewise be carried out several times too.  In a pet dog with kidney problems or diabetes, the urine is generally really unconcentrated.   Nevertheless, in a case of psychogenic polydipsia, urine concentration will be re-established with water constraint alone.  This shows the kidneys are working fine; your pet dog is just over hydrated.

Extra screening might be carried out to eliminate or validate other systemic health problems your vet believes your pet dog is experiencing.

Treatment of Psychogenic Polydipsia in Dogs

Once your pet dog is effectively detected with psychogenic polydipsia and all other health problems and illness have actually been eliminated, treatment is really direct.  First you will require to identify if it is due to the fact that your pet dog is tired, desires more attention, or simply truly likes water.  

For a pet dog that is tired, more workout is the very best treatment.  This might suggest you require to take him out on walks more often.  They do not always need to be long walks, simply something to separate his day.  You might likewise wish to think about enrichment for your pet dog as a way to keep his mind hectic.  Lots Of breeds of dogs get really bored really rapidly however human owners are hectic and might not have time to physically exercise their pet dog more.  

Utilizing enrichment workouts their brain and keeps them inhabited.  You can make homemade enrichment for your pet dog or there are numerous types you can buy online.  They can be in a toy kind where they need to control the toy to get the reward, or dig through his whole toy box to get to the bottom where you concealed his preferred toy.  Another alternative can be a puzzle feeder for his food.  Your pet dog needs to control the toy feeder till it leaves pieces of food.  This can keep your pet dog hectic anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more.  Then, naturally, you can do something easy like conceal pieces of deals with around your house while you are gone.  It offers him something to try to find and discover as he roams around your house. 

If your pet dog desires more attention, then you need to either offer it to him or discover other methods to inhabit him.  This can likewise consist of more workout and psychological enrichment for your pet dog.  If his condition is just due to the fact that he truly likes water you can try to limit his water consumption.  You should beware with this nevertheless, as you do not wish to inadvertently trigger your pet dog to end up being dehydrated.  Young dogs and young puppies particularly truly delight in consuming water, however they require it as they are more active and have greater metabolic process than older dogs.

Healing of Psychogenic Polydipsia in Dogs

Once you develop the source of your pet dog’s psychogenic polydipsia and address it effectively, his diagnosis of healing is excellent.  Merely using him the attention he desires and keeping him inhabited need to suffice to suppress his drinking out of dullness routine.  It might take a couple of months to discover something he likes enough to keep his brain promoted and decline is water consumption, however with persistence you will have the ability to alter his habits.  If you are patient and deal with your pet dog, diagnosis is excellent.

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