Malshi Grooming: The Essential Guide with Pictures of Haircut Styles


It’s not a surprise that integrating a Maltese and a Shih Tzu led to a small, furry package of love and energy. Maltese Shih Tzus, or Malshis, were established in the 1990’s and have actually acquired some appeal for their lovely characters and indisputable best of luck (and the very little shedding most likely assists also).

According to Dogtime, this is one of the couple of “designer dogs” that doesn’t come from with a poodle, and they likewise have a credibility for being versatile, cute and fantastic buddies. They’re even excellent with kids!

When it comes to upkeep, they might be one of the more hypoallergenic puppies, however they still do require rather a lot of upkeep when it concerns their charming coif.

Both moms and dad breeds are known for long, elegant hair, so you understand that it’s part of the offer. Required aid determining what design will look finest on your dog? Fortunately, we’ve congregated some Malshi-authorized hairdo alternatives to make your choice more notified (and more enjoyable!).

Grooming Tips

There’s more to grooming than hairstyles, so ensure you have the essentials down initially.

1. Concentrate on detangling

Yes, that hair is beautiful, however it’s likewise vulnerable to mats and tangle, which implies you’re going to require to brush it out typically. Concentrate on locations like the tummy and neck where tangles are much more of a typical incident. You can likewise buy a top quality conditioning/detangling spray to make your life a little simpler—simply ensure it’s particularly produced dogs.

You’re most likely going to desire take your puppy in for expert grooming sessions, and simply supplement with brushing and other maintenance in between. Like we stated, a little high-maintenance.

2. Routine face-wiping is crucial

Malshis are vulnerable to tear spots, so ensure to keep their face clean by cleaning it a couple of times a day with a washcloth or unique pet wipes (and get any food around their mouths while you’re at it).

3. Don’t forget nails

Keep those nails cut. Every 6 weeks approximately is excellent. Simply take care not to clip them too short and nick the fast.

Leading Malshi Hairstyles

1. Young Puppy Cut/Summer Cut

Via Unsplash/FREE IMAGE

This cut is straight-forward and adorable, and ideal for the Malshi-enthusiast who is trying to find a more low-maintenance way to design their puppy’s coif.

The hair is clipped much shorter all over—anywhere from 1/2” to 2” long. This assists avoids tangles, and keeps them cooler throughout those sweltering summertime.

2. Plushie Cut

Via Unsplash/FREE IMAGE

According to our sources at Dog-Learn, this cut is someplace in between not really short and not long. For this design, the fur is clipped to 3” to 4” all over the body, with the head and feet styled with scissors to provide a fluffier look.

This isn’t rather as low-maintenance as the puppy cut given that you’re still going to require to ensure to brush out the fur and avoid tangles—however it sure is snuggly and cute.

3. Program Pet Cut


Now this cut is what we call incredibly high-maintenance, and most likely finest for experts to take on given that it needs a lot maintenance. This design keeps the hair at flooring length (!!), and fur is cut really minimally.

This likewise implies that the puppy is typically sporting a topknot, and the feet are covered by the long, streaming locks. I don’t understand about you—however this appears a little extreme for the typical pet owner to maintain with.

4. Teddy Bear Cut

Via Unsplash/FREE IMAGE

This cut is another popular one, which actually can be used to any of the cuts above. Essentially, that hair around the head is kept long however cut with scissors in a rounded shape to offer the pet a teddy bear-like look. Integrate with the much shorter body fur, and this is a genuinely sweet design for them to rock.

Nevertheless you choose to groom your Malshi, they’re going to look great—and you’ll enjoy once you discover the ideal design that suits with your household (and spending plan, and leisure time).

Simply keep in mind to constantly take notice of the hints that your pet is offering you. If something is triggering them tension, then it might be time to discover a various approach/hairstyle/groomer/and so on. We hope these hairdo concepts and grooming suggestions have actually worked for jazzing up your puppy’s coif. Delighted clipping!

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