Lagotto Romagnolo Grooming: The Essential Guide with Pictures of Haircut Styles


Passionately described as Italy’s “truffle dog,” the lagotto romagnolo is revered the world over for its unparalleled nose—and its capability to find the truffle mushroom, thought about a special in a range of foods.

However something else this breed is known (and revered) for? Their coat. The lagotto romagnolo’s thick, curly coat is definitely a sight to witness. However it’s likewise a sight that requires cautious and routine grooming to look its finest.

So, how precisely do you groom this truffle-hunting puppy? What are the essentials of brushing, bathing, and routine trims? And what are some of the very best hairdos for this breed?

Lagotto romagnolo grooming essentials

As pointed out, the lagotto romagnolo’s coat is an outstanding one. This breed has a thick, water resistant double-coat (prior to their truffle searching days, this pet was frequently utilized as a water retriever). The coat is loaded with dense curls all over the body, which unwind to a wavy texture around the hair and face. And those curls? Generally, they don’t require much brushing.

Some pet dogs will experience more matting than others. If you discover matting on your pet, carefully pull it apart with your fingers and comb it out. However don’t brush out your pet’s curls excessive, as it can mess with the shape and texture. Rather, simply let it do its own, curly thing!

Another intriguing function about the lagotto romagnolo’s coat is that it’s made of hair, not fur, which keeps shedding to a minimum (and likewise makes this breed an excellent option for pet fans with allergic reactions).

So, let’s wrap-up. With the lagotto romagnolo, you don’t need to fret about routine brushing. You don’t need to fret about shedding. Pretty low upkeep, right?

Not so quick! While this breed isn’t as high upkeep as, state, a poodle, they absolutely have their own set of grooming requirements. Initially, you’ll require to shower your family pet regularly—a minimum of once each month, more if they get additional unclean or muddy. (Fortunately, this breed likes the water, so you shouldn’t have any issues!) Wash the whole coat with a pet-friendly hair shampoo and rinse entirely prior to drying your pet. (Bonus offer—eliminating mats from your pet’s coat is a lot easier after a bath!)

You likewise desire make certain to inspect your pet’s ears each week for particles, accumulation, or any indications of infection.

Provide routine nail trims. A great guideline of thumb? If you can hear your pet’s nails on the flooring, it’s time for a trim.

And last, however not least? You’re likewise going to require to arrange routine trims. As the lagotto romagnolo’s hair gets longer, it likewise gets more susceptible to matting, which can be unpleasant for your puppy. Routine trims will keep your pet’s coat looking its finest—and your pet feeling their finest while doing so.

Leading lagotto romagnolo hairstyles

Routine hairstyles are crucial to keeping the lagotto romagnolo’s hallmark curls under control. However what are the very best hairstyles to flaunt those curls (and keep their coat in great shape)?

Lagotto romagnolo haircut #1: Puppy cut

Flickr/Alberto Ziveri

The much shorter your pet’s curls, the simpler they’re going to be to handle—which is what makes the puppy cut a go-to for this breed.

With the puppy cut, your pet’s coat is kept similarly short throughout the whole head and body (usually one to 2 inches). With a cut this short, your pet is less most likely to experience matting—that makes things simpler on both them and you.

Simply something to remember: if you desire your pet’s coat to stay good and short, you’ll require to suffice frequently—so scheduling routine trims is a must.

Lagotto romagnolo haircut #2: Teddy bear cut

Flickr/adam w

The teddy bear cut is extremely comparable to the puppy cut, with one clear difference. This hairdo leaves a bit of additional length around the head and face, producing a more rounded appearance—and providing your pet some seriously cute teddy bear vibes.

Maintenance for this cut is quite comparable to the puppy cut, which consists of routine trims. Due to the fact that there’s more length around the head and face, your family pet may be more susceptible to matting—so make certain to frequently inspect their face for any mats and keep them comfy and tangle-free.

Lagotto romagnolo haircut #3: Program cut

Flickr/Ger Dekker

One of the most popular hairstyles for this breed is, of course, the basic cut for program pet dogs. Generally, the coat is kept short around the body with a bit of additional length around the head and legs. However not too long; the coat ought to be structured and formed so that the pet’s curls take spotlight!

Required Pet Grooming?

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