La-Chon Grooming: The Essential Guide with Pictures of Haircut Styles


What do you get when you combine 2 of the canine world’s most precious breeds—the Lhasa apso, known for its stunning coat and strong commitment to its household, and the bichon frise, known for its cotton-ball look and lovably wacky character? You get a combined breed that combines the very best of both canines—the La-Chon.

The La-Chon is a best mix of both the Lhasa apso and the bichon frise’s finest characteristics—which includes their legendary coats.

However those coats will absolutely require some TLC in the type of routine grooming and hair trims to look its finest. Let’s take a much deeper take a look at grooming essentials for the La-Chon, consisting of a couple of of the hairdos you’re absolutely going to wish to try out your animal.

La-Chon grooming essentials

The greatest element to think about when grooming a La-Chon is their coat. However due to the fact that this breed is a mix in between the Lhasa apso and the bichon frise, there’s no one-size-fits-all response to what, precisely, that coat is going to look like.

The Lhasa apso has a directly, heavy coat that will get incredibly long when enabled to grow; in reality, the coat can grow all the way to the ground! The bichon frise, on the other hand, has a dense, curly coat (“frise” is the French word for curly), providing these canines the look of a fluffy cotton ball. As a combined breed, La-Chons usually have a coat that falls someplace in the middle, with a wavier texture, however they can acquire a coat that more carefully looks like either breed.

The great news? Both canine breeds have very little shedding, so you don’t need to stress over canine hair covering your clothing, furnishings, and family.

Despite The Fact That the La-Chon doesn’t shed much, they still require routine grooming to look their finest. Strategy to brush your La-Chon a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week—and more frequently (approximately everyday) if they have a longer or denser coat.

Correct grooming for this breed likewise consists of routine baths. Strategy to shower your La-Chon a minimum of a couple of times monthly, more if you take your animal on any muddy journeys to the canine park. Ensure to utilize hair shampoo, conditioner, and cleaning items particularly created for canines and to wash your animal totally; leaving excess item can trigger skin inflammation.

When you’re completed with bath time, invest plenty of time drying off your canine with a dog-safe clothes dryer. Due to the fact that La-Chons usually have a lot of hair, their coat can take a very long time to dry, and your canine can feel cold and unpleasant if delegated air dry.

Last but not least, they require routine nail trims (if you can hear their nails on the flooring, it’s time for a clip) and routine hairstyles. Due to the fact that this breed’s coat will grow long and quickly, many individuals choose scheduling trims with an expert groomer.

Leading La-Chon hairstyles

As pointed out, the LaChon requires routine hair trims to look their finest. However what haircut to get?

Let’s take a take a look at some of the most popular (and cute!) hairdos for your animal.

La-Chon haircut #1: Puppy cut


The puppy cut is one of the most popular hairdos for a lot of canine breeds, consisting of the La-Chon. And it makes good sense! The young puppy cut, which keeps the coat even and short throughout the whole face and body (usually in between one and 2 inches of length) is not just a lot easier to take care of than a longer coat, however it likewise offers you a much better take a look at your animal’s oh-so-cute face and eyes.

While this hairdo is amongst the most low-maintenance worldwide of doggy hairdos, you’ll require to prepare routine trims to keep the length tight and short (particularly with the La-Chon’s fast-growing coat!).

La-Chon haircut #2: Fuller cut


This image is of a Lhasa apso, however this fuller cut would work simply as well on a La-Chon. With this hairdo, the coat is enabled to grow somewhat longer for a fuller look. This design will require a bit more brushing and upkeep than its much shorter, puppy cut equivalent, however it’s a terrific search for your canine and can be a way to supply additional heat in the winter season.

La-Chon haircut #3: Structured curly cut


If your canine has a more curly texture, they take more after their bichon side—and going with a more structured cut can assist keep those curls under control. The foundation of this hairdo (included in this image of a bichon frise) is including structure and shape to the curls, especially around the face.

Required Pet Dog Grooming?

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