Havapoo Haircuts: The Essential Guide with Pictures


Known for their little, strong stature, the Havanese—the nationwide canine of Cuba—is loved as much for their caring, lovely, and frequently amusing character as they are for their striking coat. With time, this canine has actually ended up being a preferred for cross-breeding, paving the way for a completely brand-new classification of lovable combined breed pet dogs. And among the most popular?

The Havapoo.

A Havapoo is—you thought it—a mix of a Havanese and a poodle. And since both of these breeds are so precious by canine owners all over the world, the Havapoo has actually rapidly turned into one of the most popular breeds in the canine world.

However when it pertains to grooming, how high-maintenance are these puppies? Let’s take a much deeper take a look at all things Havapoo grooming, from bathing to brushing to the very best hairstyles for your family pet.

Havapoo grooming fundamentals

When it pertains to grooming your Havapoo, the most essential thing to remember is their coat.

Combined breeds can be difficult. Since they’re reproduced from 2 various kinds of pet dogs (in this case, the Havanese and the poodle), they can acquire a range of qualities from either moms and dad—which includes their coat.

Havanese pet dogs have a long, light-weight coat that’s smooth, smooth, and—there’s simply no much better word for it—glamorous. In regards to texture, some pet dogs have a wavier look to their hair while others have a straighter coat—however wavy or directly, this canine’s hair grows quickly and long. Poodles, on the other hand, generally have a much denser, curlier coat.

The Havapoo can have a coat that looks like a poodle, a Havanese, or some mix of the 2. The great news? Both of these breeds are low shedding and hypoallergenic—so the Havapoo is also. Nevertheless, there are absolutely some grooming fundamentals to remember to guarantee your family pet looks their finest.

It’s important to brush your canine regularly to avoid tangling and matting. How frequently depends upon their coat and hairdo. If your canine has a longer coat (or it takes after its Havanese moms and dad and rocks a smooth, light-weight coat),  you’re going to wish to brush them daily to keep mats and tangles at bay. If you keep their coat clipped much shorter, brushing them a couple of times a week need to be plenty.

In addition to routine brushing, shower your Havapoo a minimum of once a month, more if your canine gets additional muddy or unclean. Ensure any hair shampoo, conditioner, and cleaning items you utilize are particularly created for pet dogs which you wash your family pet totally; leaving excess item can trigger skin inflammation and unneeded itching.

When you’re completed with bath time, invest a lot of time drying off your canine—ideally with a dog-safe clothes dryer. Since Havapoos generally have a great deal of hair to deal with, their coat can take a very long time to air dry, leaving you canine cold and uneasy.

A couple of other things to remember? Havapoos are susceptible to tear-staining around the eyes, specifically if their coat is a lighter color. Ensure to carefully clean the location daily to avoid any spots. You need to likewise prepare to clip your canine’s nails routinely—if you can hear your canine’s nails on the flooring when they walk, it’s time to cut them. And lastly, a Havapoo’s coat grows relatively rapidly—so they’ll require routine hairstyles to keep their coat in good shape.

However which hairstyles are the very best for this breed?

Leading Havapoo hairstyles

Unsure how to design your puppy? Let’s take a take a look at a few of the most popular, must-try hairstyles for this breed.

Havapoo hairstyle #1: Puppy cut

Flickr/Isadora Taft

The puppy cut is the go-to hairdo for a variety of breeds, consisting of the Havapoo. And for great factor! This hairstyle, which keeps the coat a short, even length throughout the whole face and body (generally in between one and 2 inches), is not just flexible, however it’s very simple to take care of. A much shorter coat indicates less mats and tangling, which indicates a much easier total grooming experience for you. Simply remember that, in order to preserve the much shorter length needed for this design, you’ll require to set up routine hair trims.

Havapoo hairstyle #2: Teddy bear cut

Flickr/Clemens v. Vogelsang

The teddy bear cut (designed here by a cute Havanese) resembles the puppy cut with one significant exception. Rather of keeping the hair short all around, the teddy bear cut leaves a little additional length around the face and ears. That additional length makes your canine look additional lovable and cuddly, comparable to a teddy bear.

Havapoo hairstyle #3: Full-length


If your canine’s coat more carefully looks like a Havanese, enabling their coat to grow full-length (which can go all the way down to the flooring!) is another popular hairstyle choice. Simply ensure to set up routine trims to keep the development even and to brush them every day to avoid matting.

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