Havachon Grooming: The Essential Guide with Pictures of Haircut Styles


What do you get when you blend the Havanese, the small-but-sturdy nationwide pet of Cuba, with their long, elegant locks, and the bichon frise, France’s dog with the curly coat that provides the appearance of the world’s prettiest cotton ball?

You get one of today’s most precious and popular blended breeds—the Havachon. The Havachon is the ideal mix of both the Havanese and the bichon frise’s finest qualities—which includes their hallmark coats.

However when it pertains to grooming, what’s the very best way to keep this blended puppy looking their finest? Let’s take a deep dive into all things Havachon grooming, from bathing to brushing, nail care to hairstyles, and practically whatever in between.

Havachon grooming essentials

The greatest element to think about when grooming your Havachon is, without a doubt, their coat.

The Havanese have a smooth, smooth, light-weight coat that, if delegated its own gadgets, will quickly grow all the way to the flooring. It can be straight or have a wavier texture—however either way, when enabled to grow, it grows long and elegant.

Bichons, on the other hand, have a denser, curly coat (“frise” equates to curly in French). While the bichon’s coat certainly grows, it tends to grow more in height than in length—which is where this breed gets their hallmark “cotton ball” look.

A Havachon’s coat can more carefully look like either their Havanese or bichon moms and dad, or their coat can be some mix of the 2 breeds.

The great news is that both breeds are low shedding, so with a Havachon, you don’t need to fret about pet hair covering whatever in your house (including you!). However even if this puppy doesn’t shed much doesn’t imply they don’t require much in the way of grooming.

You ought to prepare to brush your pet a minimum of 3 times a week to avoid any mats or tangles (regularly—approximately every day—if they have a longer, more Havanese-inspired coat). Routine brushing likewise assists disperse your pet’s natural oils throughout their coat, keeping it healthy and glossy.

In addition to bi-weekly to everyday brushing, shower your Havachon a minimum of once each month and after any especially muddy journeys to the pet part. Make certain any hair shampoo, conditioner, and cleaning items you utilize are particularly created for canines. Wash any items totally out of your family pet’s coat,as excess item can trigger skin inflammation and unneeded itching—not precisely enjoyable for your family pet.

When you finish up bath time, make certain to invest plenty of time drying off your pet—ideally with a dog-safe clothes dryer. Since Havachons generally have major coats, they can take a very long time to air dry—and your pet may feel cold and uneasy at the same time.

Clean the location around your pet’s eyes at the end of every day. Havachons are vulnerable to tear-staining, particularly if they have a lighter coat.

Clip your pet’s nails routinely—generally once a month or two. A great guideline of thumb: if you can hear their nails on the flooring when they walk, they’re past due and it’s time to bust out those nail clippers.

Finally, due to the fact that a Havachon’s coat grows quite rapidly, you ought to likewise prepare for routine hairstyles to keep their coat looking its finest.

However which hairstyles are the very best suitable for your family pet?

Leading Havachon hairstyles

These are some of the most popular hairstyles for Havachons.

Havachon haircut #1: Puppy cut

Flickr/Isadora Taft

The puppy cut is one of the most flexible and popular hairdos for practically every pet breed out there. And for great factor! This haircut, which keeps the coat short and even (normally someplace in between one and 2 inches), is one of the most low-maintenance hairdos you can get for your Havachon. The much shorter your pet’s coat, the less most likely it will be to get matted or tangled—and the much easier it will be to keep it looking its finest. Simply bear in mind that you’ll need to arrange routine hair trims to keep your pet’s hair at the puppy cut length (particularly for the Havachon and their fast-growing coat!).

Havachon haircut #2: Teddy bear cut

Flickr/Clemens v. Vogelsang

The teddy bear cut (designed here by a too-cute Havanese pet) is nearly similar to the puppy cut—with one visible exception. Rather of keeping the hair equally short throughout the head and body, the teddy bear cut leaves a little additional length around the pet’s face and ears. That included length remains in all the ideal locations—and provides your pet the unique feel and look of an additional charming teddy bear.

Havachon haircut #3: Full-length


If your pet’s coat more carefully takes after their Havanese parentage—and you have the time and energy for routine upkeep—one of the most popular hairdos for this breed? Letting those locks grow long and to the flooring. Simply make certain to arrange routine trims to preserve the length and shape—and to take on any mats or tangling you don’t capture in your everyday brushing sessions).

Required Canine Grooming?

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