Dumbcane Poisoning in Dogs


What is Dumbcane Poisoning?

The dumbcane is a durable plant that succeeds in warmer temperature levels and endures indirect sunshine, making it a terrific indoor plant. It is likewise a brilliant dynamic green color that makes it a good addition to any space to brighten it up. In spite of all of the great qualities, this plant stays hazardous to those who chew on it or consume it. Do not let your pet dog around this plant, specifically if he likes to chew on foliage. 

Signs of poisoning by the dumbcane plant consist of injury and swelling of the tongue, throat, and lips. Loss of sight and breathing distress might likewise be experienced. Due to the severity of the results of poisoning, numerous dogs will require hospitalization if exposed to dumbcane.

The dumbcane is a plant frequently discovered inside due to its simple care routines. What individuals do not understand is this plant is hazardous to individuals and family pets that consume it. Contact your veterinary center if you presume your family pet taken in any part of the dumbcane plant.

Signs of Dumbcane Poisoning in Dogs

The signs of this plant contaminant set in as quickly as one bite is taken. The strength of the signs will depend upon just how much your pet dog taken in. Signs consist of:

  • Immediate discomfort of the mouth
  • Burning of the mouth
  • Swelling of the mouth
  • Swelling of the throat
  • Swelling of the lips
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Diarrhea
  • Tongue extended out of mouth
  • Throwing Up
  • Drooling
  • Lathering at the mouth
  • Head shaking
  • Eye inflammation or loss of sight if contacts the eyes
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Breathing problems
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Death 


There are various types of the dumbcane plant. This plant comes from the Araceae household and to the genus Dieffenbachia. This plant can differ in size and the colors vary depending upon which types you have. All of the plants in this genus are similarly hazardous no matter what the types.

Reasons For Dumbcane Poisoning in Dogs

The dumbcane plant comes from the Araceae household and consists of insoluble calcium oxalate crystals called raphides. These crystals are insoluble and permeate the tissue causing injury. Every piece of this plant is deadly, consisting of the sap alone, so keeping your family pet far from this plant is very important to his well being.

Medical Diagnosis of Dumbcane Poisoning in Dogs

When you come to your vet the group will likely begin with a health examination, though this will depend upon the quantity of tension and discomfort your pet dog is in. Observation of your family pet and his habits will provide the vet a correct take a look at your family pet’s condition and signs, and will suggest if vitals are unusual. Blood work will likely be gone to see how your pet dog is doing internally. A total blood count (CBC) and a chemistry panel will provide the vet details about how your pet dog’s body is managing the contaminant and what restorative actions require to be taken. If you saw or believe your pet dog consumed or chewed on a part of this plant, take a piece of it with you to the vet’s workplace. This will permit the vet to understand precisely what the pet dog entered into contact with and allow her to determine the plant.

Treatment of Dumbcane Poisoning in Dogs

Your pet dog will be begun on encouraging treatments to assist stop the signs. The vet might attempt to eliminate your pet dog’s mouth in an effort to clean off the contaminants. In addition, she will flush the eyes if they have actually ended up being inflamed, and your pet dog will likely be placed on intravenous fluids to assist fix or avoid any dehydration that might develop. If your pet dog is having problem breathing, the vet will put him on oxygen assistance, either by flow-by or in an oxygen cage. If your pet dog is having an extreme response where his tongue and throat have actually ended up being inflamed and are triggering breathing problems, the vet might require to intubate your family pet and keep your pet dog on oxygen through intubation till the swelling subsides, and he has the ability to breathe much better on his own.

Healing of Dumbcane Poisoning in Dogs

The toxicity of the dumbcane plant might be thought about moderate to moderate depending upon just how much your pet dog has actually consumed. If your family pet chewed on a little piece of the plant, signs of toxicity will happen however ought to not be deadly. Nevertheless, if your pet dog chewed on the plant for rather a long time or perhaps swallowed a part of it, signs will be more noticable and unsafe. The quicker you look for expert medical assistance for your family pet, the greater his opportunities of an effective healing. Do not wait till signs development and your pet dog is having a hard time, take him to the vet as quickly as you presume or see that he has actually consumed the dumbcane plant.

While this plant is simple to take care of making it practical for embellishing your house, it is unworthy risking your pet dog’s health in order to embellish with it. Even dogs that typically do not chew on plants might choose to take a nibble of this one, causing deadly repercussions. If you do have this plant in your house, keep it on a counter or bookcase out of your family pet’s reach. Keep it high enough off the ground so that if your pet dog is on his hind legs, he still cannot access it. Make certain it is on a broad adequate surface area so that fallen and wilted leaves will not land someplace within your family pet’s reach. If you have this plant outside, make sure your family pet does not have access to the location it is in. Inform yourself about the any of the plants you pick to acquire for your house.

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