Cordatum Poisoning in Dogs


What is Cordatum Poisoning?

Cordatum becomes part of the Araceae household and has the taxonomic name of Philodendron oxycardium. The plant itself is popular due to the simple care and capability to grow well in low light scenarios. The cordatum is the most popular indoor plant of the philodendron household, with green tracking leaves that are heart formed. The plant succeeds in outside garden locations too, making it a typical option for design and for including plant to walls and fences. Looked after effectively, it can rapidly supply protection for bare table tops inside or fences outside.

The risks to family pets provided by the cordatum needs to not be ignored. If you have an animal who enjoys to dig in the garden location of your house or who tends to please his interest for checking out while you are not in your home, poisoning of an unpleasant and hazardous sort can result when an animal chews on or consumes the cordatum plant. Burning of the lips, tongue and mouth are simply a few of the signs of cordatum poisoning. There can be inflammation to the skin and eyes if direct exposure to the calcium oxalate crystals outcomes in contact with these locations.

The cordatum plant is among the lots of ranges of home and garden plants which contain insoluble calcium oxalate crystals, which are needle-like, and will predict into the soft tissues of the mouth, lips, tongue and intestinal system when chewed or swallowed. A see to the vet will be needed if your animal presses past the discomfort upon biting and consumes the plant.

Signs of Cordatum Poisoning in Dogs

Usually, one bite of the cordatum suffices to prevent additional intake. The discomfort from the calcium oxalate crystals is really rapidly felt, avoiding most dogs from additional expedition. Some family pets will continue to bite on the plant and might even swallow enough of the cordatum to trigger discomfort and burning down the throat and into the stomach.

  • There might be swelling of the lips and tongue
  • The swelling of the tongue can end up being so extreme that breathing ends up being challenging
  • The mouth, lips, tongue, and throat can burn and feel numb
  • If your animal consumes the plant, the burning feeling will consist of the esophagus and stomach
  • Your canine might drool
  • There might be diarrhea
  • Stomach discomfort might be apparent
  • If the direct exposure is not restricted to the mouths, the eyes and skin might be red and inflamed


The cordatum plant is likewise known as a fiddle leaf philodendron. Other names are:

  • Red princess
  • Red emerald
  • Saddle leaf
  • Split leaf philodendron
  • Horsehead philodendron
  • Heartleaf philodendron
  • Panda plant

Reasons For Cordatum Poisoning in Dogs

The intake of the cordatum can trigger terrific distress for your animal due to the sharp, piercing calcium oxalate crystals.

  • The crystals are needle-like and can trigger instant discomfort
  • The extreme discomfort can cause severe distress for your canine
  • The crystals launch histamines that promote swelling
  • Swelling can cause breathing restrictions
  • There are unknown proteins within the cordatum presumed to contribute to the toxicity

Medical Diagnosis of Cordatum Poisoning in Dogs

Identifying the poisoning by cordatum plant will be uncomplicated if you experienced your canine buddy tasting the plant, whether inside or out. If you did see the occasion, bring along a sample of the plant to reveal the vet. Taking a look at the damage to the plant itself will likewise assist you to approximate the quantity perhaps consumed by your canine. The time frame in between the occasion and the vet seeing your canine is an asset to keep in mind due to the fact that the scientific group will have the ability to establish the harmful impacts on your animal and get a concept of the seriousness.

If you did not have time in your home to provide cool water or ice chips to your animal after the intake, your vet might do so together with a rinsing of the mouth, in an effort to eliminate the crystals and decrease a few of the discomfort in order to continue the health examination and pertinent screening.

The vet will take crucial indications such as pulse and heart rate. She might purchase blood tests to confirm organ function and to get a view of how the toxicity has actually impacted your animal’s basic state of health by taking a look at enzymes and electrolytes. She will likewise look inside the mouth to look for swelling of the tongue and possible air passage blockage. A palpation of the abdominal area will expose if your canine is experiencing stomach pain.

Treatment of Cordatum Poisoning in Dogs

The treatment procedure will depend upon your canine’s condition and whether he consumed areas of the cordatum plant or was cautioned off after a couple of unpleasant bites. If your canine is throwing up thoroughly, the vet might start intravenous treatment to avoid dehydration. This treatment will work if extra medications are required, like antihistamines, painkiller, or gastroprotectants in the occasion of a consumption. The intravenous will likewise help in the eliminating of the kidneys and will guarantee that the organs are operating well and the urine output is typical.

If your animal has actually consumed the plant however is not yet throwing up, emesis might be caused in order to eliminate the plant areas from the stomach. Luckily, most cases of cordatum poisoning in dogs include the mouth, lips, and tongue just. Consumption is not typical due to the instant discomfort upon biting the plant. Nevertheless, chewing of the plant can suggest tongue swelling and if this holds true, the vet will wish to monitor your animal up until the swelling has actually declined prior to launching your canine from the medical facility.

Healing of Cordatum Poisoning in Dogs

Once your animal is house, you will require to monitor him and report to the center any issues you have about the healing procedure. Cordatum poisoning can be severe and despite the fact that your animal might not require a long medical facility stay, he might be worried about the occasion however and will require a peaceful location to rest as his health enhances. In the meantime, ensure that all home plants are not within reach of family pets and kids. When members of your household, whether human or animal, are in the backyard or garden locations, view them thoroughly around plant life. Eliminating access to the garden ought to be thought about, and constantly research study the toxicity risks of brand-new plants that you prepare to acquire.

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