Choosing the Best Dog Groomer: A Guide for Pet Parents


The time comes for every dog-lover. You begin to observe how scraggly your puppy’s typically lovable beard has actually ended up being, or you observe the huge fluff balls at the end of their legs that once were feet…and you recognize that it’s time to make a visit with an expert dog groomer. However how do you set about discovering the ideal individual for the task?

There’s no doubt that picking a groomer for your precious pet is an essential choice—after all, they’re going to be managing your closest bud together with sharp items and tools! Wish to ensure your puppy remains in excellent hands while they’re getting their coif improved? We’ve got a couple of recommendations on how to make this procedure a little smoother for all of you.

Ensure You’re Asking the Right Concerns

This isn’t practically asking groomers the ideal concerns (though we’ll cover that too)—it’s likewise about asking other pet-lovers around you the essential concerns. Who do they utilize for grooming their puppies, and why? Who have they had issues with? Everybody has a viewpoint about their groomer, and word-of-mouth truly can be the best way to find some real gems in your location that you may otherwise not understand about.

As discussed previously, it’s likewise essential to ask prospective groomers plenty of concerns (don’t be shy now!). “You should never feel like any questions you have are unreasonable,” states states Nichole Heffner, a Rover groomer in Denver. You must feel entirely comfy with every action of the grooming procedure.

And ideally your groomer will likewise ask you some concerns, she includes. If they don’t, there’s some vital details you must supply them with upfront.  Most significantly, the trim or other grooming services you’re looking for. There’s absolutely nothing even worse than a miscommunication that causes among those awful “your double-coated dog just got shaved” stories that go viral.

Nichole likewise states that it’s excellent to notify your groomer whether your puppy has actually been groomed previously, which assists them prepare for their time together. Essentially, in this circumstance, there’s no such thing as sharing excessive details.

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Are They Certified to Cut Your Puppy’s Coif?

Something else that’s essential when picking a groomer—comprehending their credentials. Do they have the appropriate license to practice in your city? Have they gone through a grooming program and made unique accreditation?

Some states don’t require licenses to practice, so because case you can ask about their experience. Inquire the length of time they’ve been dealing with canines, what their unique grooming abilities are, or if they have specific proficiency, breeds they stand out with, etc.

Study Their Area (& Styling Tools!)

You understand just how much somebody’s home (home, house, bed room) can state about them, and the very same goes for an individual’s work space—it can reveal you a lot.

Tidiness and company are vital in these grooming centers, due to the fact that things like remaining dog fur on the flooring, or tools lying around can be hazardous and can show a disorderly circumstance that might stress your pet.

The very same goes for mobile groomers you can employ. Though it’s a somewhat various set-up, you can still get a feel for their design and character by having a look at the products they bring along for the task.

For at home groomers, focus on how efficient their established is when they pertain to your home. According to Jordi Montes, a Rover groomer in Seattle, you see how groomers connect with a dog while working. Do they make the effort to supply a considerable adequate table for the dog? Do they constantly have a hand on them (even when their attention is turned)? And even if they take the time talk with your dog while they’re grooming them, that can be a terrific indication.

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How Does Your Dog Feel About Them?

Though this is noted last, it’s absolutely of the most essential aspect. How comfy and calm your dog probes their groomer is vital, considering they need to invest some severe bonding time with them—and trust them with their luscious locks.

“If the groomer is confident, calm and talks to the dog as if it were their own, then you can trust that they know what their doing and therefore the dog can trust the groomer too,” Jordi states. Owners require to find out to trust their canines—and comprehend that is somebody appears to make your dog extra-anxious, then possibly they simply aren’t the ideal fit.

Requirement Dog Grooming?

Does your dog require a fresh trim? A groomer can now pertain to your home! Rover uses dog grooming in Seattle, Austin, Washington DC, and Denver. Find out more about Rover grooming here.

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