Botflies (Maggots) in Dogs


What is Botflies (Maggots)?

Botflies, or Cuterebra, are larvae that form in the tissues of animal hosts. After they hatch, these larvae can get in the animal’s body through any opening, such as a skin injury, mouth, ear, or nose, and settle into the tissues and continue their life process. There are more than 25 types of these “maggot” like larvae, and they are discovered in tropical areas, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. They can be likewise described as “warbles” throughout the larvae phase. Cuterebra primarily infest bunnies or many kinds of rodents. If a canine is outdoors frequently or is searching bunny, they are more vulnerable to getting larvae into their body.

Botflies in dogs happen when the Cuterebra larvae get in the body of a canine, and place themselves into the tissue of the pet dog and start their lifecycle within that tissue.

Signs of Botflies (Maggots) in Dogs

If your pet dog has actually been contaminated with a botfly within his tissue, he will show particular signs. Signs of a botfly problem are: 

  • Swelling or bump on the skin
  • Scratching or licking of the location
  • Little hole in the middle of the swelling
  • Swelling
  • Skin abscess


Although Cuterebra types normally contaminate bunnies or other outside rodents, a canine might end up being a victim if he is outdoors searching. Various Cuterebra types can contaminate your pet dog, although some are more typical than others. Kinds of these bugs that can contaminate your pet dog are:

  • Cuterebra types (bunny Cuterebra fly)
  • Warble flies (Hypoderma types)

Reasons For Botflies (Maggots) in Dogs

Cuterebra is a typical North American fly that is brought in primarily to rodents, bunnies, or little outside mammals. Reasons for problem of a botfly in a canine can consist of:

  • Being outdoors frequently in the summertime
  • Being around bunny burrows
  • Searching bunny
  • Communicating with rodents or rodent nesting locations

Medical Diagnosis of Botflies (Maggots) in Dogs

If you think your pet dog has a botfly in their tissue, do not try to eliminate it by yourself. You can seriously trigger damage to your animal if you do this. It is necessary to take your pet dog to a vet to have it identified correctly and eliminated expertly.

Your vet will take a close take a look at the open or draining pipes injury underneath the hair of the pet dog. Because the hair will be matted from any discharge, he might require to shave around the contaminated location to get a more detailed look. The injury will be a swelling or have a great deal of swelling and there will be a hole in the middle of it, and frequently the real larvae will have the ability to be seen glancing out to get some air.

Medical Diagnosis is done by a visual research study of the warble hole, and the vet might select to do other tests to eliminate any other parasites or bacterial infection that might be triggered by the botfly.

Treatment of Botflies (Maggots) in Dogs

Treatment for a botfly problem in your pet dog must just be done by a vet to guarantee complete security and healing of the pet dog. The vet understands how to get rid of the botfly securely so no damaging compounds from the Cuterebra are launched into your pet dog’s blood stream. Issues can occur if the larvae rupture throughout the elimination procedure. Treatment consists of:


The physician will require to offer your pet dog anesthesia to keep him unwinded and pain-free throughout the elimination of the botfly. 


The vet will utilize a tool to securely get rid of the botfly from the tissue, being extremely cautious not to squeeze excessive or burst the larvae.


It is possible that the vet might recommend an antibiotic once the botfly is gotten rid of, depending upon the severity of the problem. This is not constantly essential, however can happen and the vet will decide on this once the botfly is effectively gotten rid of.

Healing of Botflies (Maggots) in Dogs

After the elimination of the botfly, it is necessary to keep your eye on the afflicted location. Your vet will interact with you on what to look for in regards to recovery or any problems. If any problems from the injury website happen, call the vet without doubt. Once the botfly has actually been gotten rid of effectively by the vet, diagnosis benefits your pet dog. He will be back to regular in no time at all!

Avoidance is vital to keep the botflies far from your liked one. Attempt to keep your pet dog far from locations where there are a great deal of bunnies or rodents; look for burrows and nests of these outside mammals and attempt to keep your pet dog out of those locations. When the weather condition ends up being warmer, your pet dog has a greater possibility of being exposed to botflies; the Cuterebra lay their eggs in the summer season and early fall seasons.  Inspect your pet dog every night for anything foreign on the skin or underneath the skin.

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