Border Collie Grooming: Bathing, Shedding, and Why They Don’t Need Trims


You’d be hard-pressed to discover a more appreciated, commemorated, and well-rounded admired pet dog breed than the border collie. Known for its steadfast energy, unequaled intelligence, and intense commitment, this breed is a preferred amongst pet dog owners who desire a consistent buddy to experience through life with.

However what about grooming? The border collie, like all breeds, has a particular set of grooming requirements. However while this pet dog may be high energy, they’re not that high upkeep when it pertains to grooming.

This is fantastic news, however “low maintenance” doesn’t suggest “no maintenance.” If you desire your animal to look and feel their finest, you need to provide the appropriate grooming TLC. Let’s take a take a look at all things border collie grooming, from shedding to bathing to why you don’t need trimmers to keep this pet dog healthy.

Border collie shedding


The border collie has a double coat, with a long, smooth, and feathered external coat and a much shorter, rougher undercoat. In regards to shedding, the BC falls someplace in the middle of the pack. Throughout most of the year, the border collie sheds a moderate quantity. Brushing your pet dog 2 to 3 times a week to eliminate dead hair is generally plenty to keep the shedding under control.

Two times a year, nevertheless, that shedding enters into overdrive. Throughout the spring and fall, your pet dog will totally blow their coat in preparation for the upcoming season. Shedding will be at an all-time high, so strategy to brush your pet dog daily to maintain.

Bathing a border collie


While the BC requires routine brushing to look and feel their finest, their bathing requirements are much less regular.

Usually, this breed just requires to be bathed every 3 months approximately. If you take your pet dog on an additional muddy experience, you can up the frequency (you don’t desire mud tracks all over your home!), however don’t exaggerate it; overdoing it and bathing your pet dog too regularly can aggravate their skin.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when bathing your border collie:

  • Brush prior to you shower. Due To The Fact That this breed tends to shed, it’s important to brush your pet dog prior to putting them in the bath. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with pet dog hair all over your bath tub!
  • Usage warm to warm water. Water that’s too hot can not just be unpleasant for your animal, however can likewise dry their skin, resulting in itching and inflammation.
  • Utilize the best items. Constantly, constantly, ALWAYS utilize dog-formulated hair shampoos, conditioners, and cleaning items. Human items aren’t safe for your animal!
  • Secure their eyes. Getting soap in your eyes is no enjoyable—and it’s no enjoyable for your pet dog, either. When washing out hair shampoo or conditioner, make certain to keep your animal’s eyes secured.

Extra border collie grooming requirements

In addition to bi-weekly (or daily, throughout shedding seasons) brushing and semi-regular bathing, there’s another grooming need you need to be familiar with with your border collie: nail cutting.

If nails are enabled to get too long, they can trigger severe pain—and even discomfort—for your animal. Strategy to clip your pet dog’s nails a minimum of once a month. As an excellent guideline, if you can hear your pet dog’s nails versus the flooring when they walk by, they’re too long—and you need to cut ASAP.

Cutting your pet dog’s nails can be challenging, as you wish to make certain to prevent the fast (the vein that encounters the nail), which can bleed if you cut your pet dog’s nails too short. If the idea of Do It Yourself nail trims makes you worried, you can constantly bring your BC to an expert groomer for a fast snip.

Do border collies need hairstyles?


So, to get to the huge concern—do border collies need hairstyles?

And the response is no!

The border collie’s grooming requirements are exceptionally standard. Even the program requirement for a border collie just requires very little cutting around the feet and the back of the legs to offer a tidier look. So while you can, obviously, groom these locations (or have an expert do it), they’re unneeded. The general short length of this pet dog’s coat doesn’t need routine trims—specifically if you remain on top of brushing to avoid tangling or matting.

One huge thing: don’t shave your border collie. Not just is it unneeded (thanks to their spring shedding, this pet dog has no issue remaining cool in the summertime!), however shaving your border collie can in fact trigger abnormalities in the way their coat grows—and when it grows back in, it may be irregular and unequal.

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