Basset Hound Grooming: Bathing, Shedding, And Why They Don’t Need Trims


The basset hound is immediately identifiable, with its substantial, drowsy eyes and cuddly, soft ears. Constantly lovely, this is breed known for their reasonable, kind nature, and their exceptional sense of smell (so don’t even attempt to conceal their treats).

According to the American Kennel Club, basset hounds were initially reproduced in France and Belgium. Their low stature made them perfect for searching and tromping all over rough surface—plus their super-accurate noses made them the favorite of hunting-obsessed French aristocrats.

Bassets make a terrific addition to any household, and though they require some upkeep on your part to remain healthy and delighted, they’re more than worth the effort. Need some ideas? Here are some things you need to learn about basset hounds and how to keep them in good shape.


First Off, the shedding. Though basset hounds tend to have relatively short hair, they still handle to lose a few of their fur—all over the furnishings.

Though their fur isn’t the type that gets matted or tangled, it does have its own requirements, which indicates that you need to hang out brushing their fur weekly to keep it healthy—oh, and perhaps purchase a reputable vacuum.

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Basset Hound Grooming

As we discussed above, brushing your basset is of utmost value—it’s truly the only way to aid with shedding, and to keep their coast glossy and amazing (which is vital, obviously). Plus, brushing them frequently provides you a possibility to inspect their skin for any inflammations, assists get rid of dead hair, and disperses the natural oils of your hound’s coat.

Bark Area recommends utilizing a rubber curry brush to at first loosen up and get rid of dead hair, and after that follow that with a soft bristle brush to smooth down their coat.

It’s likewise an excellent concept to provide your puppy a bath every once in a while, specifically given that some individuals state that basset hounds tend to have more of a smell than some breeds (disrespectful!). However truly, bathing them with a suitable pet hair shampoo can be a vital part of their grooming regular—simply beware around their eyes and ears.

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Beyond The Coat

Mentioning ears, keeping those long ears healthy is something that ought to be on the top of your list. Not too remarkably, the long, long ears of the basset hound are especially delicate and require some TLC.

For beginners, their ears tend to get black wax build-up (which they can’t eliminate themselves), so—fortunate you—you need to do it for them!

You can utilize a warm washcloth or purchase unique “dog ear” cleans created simply for this scenario. You need to likewise keep an eye out for stinky ears, which might show infection, or other problems that can be concealed under those huge (yet charming) flaps.

See the Paws

You likewise need to cut your basset hound’s nails regularly, though they do tend to be more delicate about their paws (and have huge, thick nails), so prepare yourself. Select the best sort of trimmer for the task—which can vary from scissor-type to guillotine-style cutters, and mills—and find out which one your family pet is the most comfy with.

Take additional care when you’re cutting their nails. Cutting the nail too short and striking the fast (which tends to bleed a lot) hurts, so attempt to master this ability early on. It’s likewise a wise concept to begin this nail-trimming custom when your pet is still little so that they’ll be utilized to the entire experience when they’re grownups.

Should You Offer Basset Pesters a Hairstyle?

There’s no need! There are some breeds of pets that just don’t need hairstyles as others do. Not just due to the fact that their hair doesn’t grow past a particular length, however due to the fact that trims are unhealthy for the pet.

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The only time you need to shave or cut a basset is at your veterinarian’s suggestion, normally due to a health concern. This breed can be vulnerable to allergic reactions, so if they scratch enough to wound themselves, it might remain in their benefit to shave parts (or all) of their hair to use topical medication or to grow back hair from scratch.

Generally, your basset hound’s coif is beautiful simply the way its. Plus, it’s revitalizing to have a puppy all set to address a minute’s notification, and doesn’t require a great deal of preening and primping, am I right?

Need Canine Grooming?

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