Asteroid Hyalosis in Dogs


What are Asteroid Hyalosis?

Eyes are a really fragile organ; anytime something is irregular in concerns to the eye, the earlier you look for medical diagnosis and treatment the much better.  Asteroid hyalosis might look like a sparkly things in your pet dog’s eye which you might observe in the house.  When you take him to your vet, she might carry out some tests on his eye to dismiss other possible eye conditions.  Once verified, your vet might provide your pet dog some helpful treatments if required, however with most dogs, treatment is not required at all.  There is the choice of surgical correction, however most dogs live a complete life of convenience and great vision if you do refrain from doing anything.

Asteroid hyalosis in dogs resembles that of a floater in the human eye.  The condition can develop sporadically in your pet dog however normally, it establishes with age.  If you think your pet dog is experiencing an eye irregularity, talk to your vet.

Signs of Asteroid Hyalosis in Dogs

If this condition is impacting your pet dog, you might observe:

  • Round particles in his eye with a sparkly look
  • Numerous, white, little, round, refractile particles within the vitreous
  • Small vision problems, however uncommon


Asteroid hyalosis is a kind of vitreal degeneration including the liquefaction of the vitreous humor.  This condition is likewise known as vitreal degeneration and melted vitreous.  If extreme enough, the condition can disrupt your pet dog’s vision and might be more frequently seen in middle-aged to older dogs.

Reasons For Asteroid Hyalosis in Dogs

Asteroid hyalosis is a degenerative condition and has actually been related to degenerative eye conditions and persistent swelling.  While it is more frequently seen in older dogs, it can be seen spontaneously in some animals.  It can take place in one eye or both and might or might not be related to posterior vitreal detachment.  The asteroid bodies are thought about liquid crystals formed by calcium and phospholipids.  The precise reason for asteroid hyalosis is unidentified.

Medical Diagnosis of Asteroid Hyalosis in Dogs

You might initially observe your pet dog’s condition in the house by the look.  You might see numerous white shimmers that move or vibrate a little when the eye relocations.  When you take him to the vet for an assessment, she will start by carrying out a complete physical examination.  When she analyzes his eyes, she will look with her ophthalmoscope.  This is a kind of instrument that offers a larger and bigger view of the within your pet dog’s eye.  It permits the vet to inspect the retina and internal structures even if cataracts exist.  

To dismiss other eye injury conditions, your vet might wish to carry out a fluorescein stain test.  This will enable her to look for any ulcers or scratches on the surface area of your pet dog’s eye.  She might likewise wish to carry out a Schirmer’s tear test to inspect the tear production of the eye.  If the level is too low, then he is struggling with dry eye which might trigger secondary concerns.

If your vet is not able to identify what his condition is, she might advise your family pet be seen by a veterinary eye doctor.  These vets specialize in eyes and illness impacting the eyes in animals.  They will have the ability to validate or reject the medical diagnosis.

For imaging, your vet might advise an ultrasound.  Numerous extremely reflective echoes dispersed equally throughout the vitreous offer in-depth images.  An ultrasound is a more delicate imaging and permits a much better detection of vitreal degeneration that simply the ophthalmoscope alone.

Treatment of Asteroid Hyalosis in Dogs

When eyes are included, the earlier you look for treatment the much better.  Helpful treatments might be recommended, for instance, different vitamin mixes can be handy.  Surgical intervention might consist of a treatment known as a vitrectomy.  The function of the surgical treatment is to get rid of a part or all of the vitreous humor from the impacted eye.  In general, most dogs do extremely well with no type of treatment whatsoever.

Healing of Asteroid Hyalosis in Dogs

In the bulk of clients, treatment is not required.  The diagnosis of the eye keeping great vision and convenience is great.  In more extreme cases of asteroid hyalosis, the vision might be a little impaired however the condition resembles that of a floater in the human eye; more of an inconvenience.  While it will not disappear, your pet dog can live a complete life with it in his eye.

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