Airedale Terrier Grooming: The Essential Guide with Pictures of Haircut Styles


Called the “King of Terriers,” the Airedale terrier is a preferred amongst pet dog fans trying to find flexibility in their family pet’s character. This breed is clever, devoted, athletic, and an extraordinary hunter. And when all of that is done? They’re the best buddy pet dog—and like absolutely nothing more than snuggling beside you on the sofa.

Plainly, the Airedale terrier has a lot to provide. However what about when it pertains to grooming?

Let’s take a take a look at the fundamentals of how to groom the Airedale terrier—consisting of brushing, bathing, and when (and how!) you ought to offer your pet dog a haircut.

Airedale terrier grooming fundamentals

As far as grooming goes, the Airedale terrier leans more towards the “low maintenance” side of the spectrum. They have a short, wiry coat that doesn’t shed excessive—specifically with routine brushings. Strategy to brush your Airedale terrier regularly; this will eliminate any dead hair and keep shedding to an outright minimum.

If you see any matting throughout your weekly brushing sessions (which can take place with this breed!), pull the mat apart with your fingers and after that brush it out with a comb. Simply make certain to be mild.

In addition to their weekly brushing sessions, Airedale terriers likewise require routine baths, although their bathing requirements are considerably less than their brushing requires. Usually, 8 weeks in between baths is great unless the pet dog gets exceedingly unclean.

When you’re bathing your pet dog, make certain to utilize a hair shampoo particularly developed for pets and to wash completely to eliminate any excess item prior to eliminating your family pet from the bath. Airedale terriers are susceptible to skin problems, which can be intensified by hair shampoo residue left on the skin. Likewise, if you see your pet dog’s face or legs are looking a little worse-for-wear in between baths, it’s great to offer simply those locations a rinse to eliminate any excess dirt or particles.

You ought to likewise prepare to cut your pet dog’s nails regularly—generally about once monthly. If you’re not exactly sure if your pet dog is due for a nail trim, a terrific way to examine is to listen. If you can hear their nails versus the flooring, they’re too long and it’s time for a trim.

Airedale terriers likewise require to be completely groomed a minimum of 4 times each year. This indicates hair trims in addition to complete clipping/stripping, which eliminates the dead coat and promotes fresh, healthy coat development. If you’ve never ever done hand removing or full-on grooming prior to, take your terrier to an expert groomer.

Leading Airedale terrier hairstyles

So, the Airedale terrier will require routine trims to look their finest. However what are the very best hairstyles for this breed?

Airedale terrier haircut #1: Breed basic program cut

Wikimedia/Lilly M

The basic haircut for the Airedale terrier is the very same cut you’d see if you were working the space at a pet program. The pet dog is hand-stripped to eliminate any excess coat. Then, the pet dog is trimmed, following the line of the body, keeping hair short around the upper body, head, and tail. The coat is kept somewhat longer around the legs and nose for an appearance that has actually ended up being associated with the Airedale terrier. It’s quickly the most identifiable characteristic of this breed.

Airedale terrier haircut #2: Puppy cut

Flickr/Derek Secret

The puppy cut is a preferred option for a range of breeds which consists of the Airedale terrier.

With this hairdo, the coat is kept short (normally in between one and 2 inches in length) and even throughout the body, head, face, and tail. This can offer the pet dog a more younger look, which is why it’s called the puppy cut.

Keeping your pet dog’s hair short can likewise keep matting to a minimum, which is a) more comfy for your pet dog, and b) less work for you. Simply bear in mind that if you choose to go with the puppy cut, you’ll require to set up routine hairstyles for your pet dog to keep their coat great and short.

Airedale terrier haircut #3: Complete and shaggy

Flickr/Lulu Hoeller

Some Airedale terrier owners choose a fuller search for their pets—and for those individuals, going with a shaggier haircut may be something to think about. This cut permits a bit of included length, which offers the pet dog’s coat a fuller look. Simply bear in mind, even if you don’t wish to cut your pet dog’s hair excessive, they’ll still require to be removed or clipped a couple of times a year. Likewise, the longer their coat, the most likely it is they’ll deal with mats—so make certain you’re watching out and eliminating them as needed.

Required Pet Dog Grooming?

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