Training dogs that have not been fixed

dog tongue

Not all dogs get spayed or neutered. Whether by an aim to breed or a different motivation, a lot of people leave their dogs intact. Left with a full complement of nature’s hormones, these dogs can respond differently than dogs that have been neutered or spayed.

Male dogs with the average amount of the hormone testosterone are inclined to seek alpha male status, and once revealed to a female dog in estrus will oftentimes brush aside commands. Licking conduct increases, the male dog will lightly hit his head in the neck of the female dog, and sooner or later attempt to mount her.

Apart from the female dog, the male dog will demonstrate rapid breathing and pacing, frequently going without consuming food for 2 days or more. They will frequently even decline water.

Female dogs not spayed will go through a menstrual cycle approximately twice annually. During this time there is an increased inclination to stray and willingness to take on the attention of unknown male dogs. Previously inactive female dogs will dig below a fence and exhibit their posterior parts with tails lifted to male dogs of just about any breed.

Acquiring compliancy to commands during these times is hard, however not out of the question. If you have consistently held the alpha male role in the ‘pack’, you’ve got a say in who mates who and when. You will have to be particularly self-asserting during these times.

Even not during mating periods, unneutered male dogs will commonly demonstrate a heavier push towards control, particularly in the first yr or two. The sign for this is merely a refusal to have anything less than alpha male status. However far from being rough, there are a few options.

The majority of dog breeds enjoy to play. Distracting that aggressive male dog with a ball, a rope or other favorite dog toy diminishes tension on both sides. You command the ball, you distribute or remove the toy, and you secure conformity with your wishes by leash, treat and strong voice command. All these assist to remind the dog that you are dominant.

When leash training or walking, these forceful male dogs they will have a heavier inclination to pull ahead. To combat this, hold the leash a few inches BEHIND you. If the dog strains at the leash, start an abrupt, solid jolt to the right, NOT back followed with a strong HEEL. This assumes that the dog walks on your left and the leash is contained in your left hand, as is normally the case. Reverse directions if another hand is required.

Unless your dog is really little this will not hurt them. Dogs have really strong neck muscles. The aim is to put them off balance and to control, not punish them.

Dogs that are not fixed need additional patience, as though the normal amount were not already not enough. But they are also less likely to be cowardly in stressful positions and more willing to take risks.

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