Dog Heat Symptoms Part 2

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Length of Time a dog is in heat?

Generally you ought to look at more or less three weeks in which your Canine will be in heat. One week coming into heat, one week in heat, and one week coming out of heat. While conception typically happens during the middle or second week, there is also a possiblility of the bitch getting pregnant in the other two weeks. It is prudent to keep your bitch apart from any intact male dogs for the full three weeks, just to ensure no chance of pregnancy.

When a dog is in heat it is also called estrus, or in season. Female dogs can bear their 1st estrus cycle at six to twelve months of age. Littler dog breeds are inclined to begin at the lighter end of the spectrum and bigger dog breeds at the longer end, occasionally even waiting until twenty-four months of age for their first estrus cycle.

A average estrus cycle endures roughly 3 weeks. In the starting stages, called proestrus, the female dogs vulva starts to swell, and you might observe her licking herself to a higher degree than normal. Male dogs will start to sniff her a lot morew as her hormones begin to bring forth a scent that indicates she’s coming into heat.
Very soon after the vulva begins to swell, the bitch will begin to produce a bloody discharge. The amount will vary from one bitch to the next, so it may or may not be noticeable.

How frequently do dogs go into heat?

All dogs are different, some might have a set schedule, while other dogs appear to go into heat at random times. Generally it’s every six to seven months, however some dogs might only come into heat once each year. Frequently, unspayed mature female dogs will go through the heat cycle together. One female coming into estrus can occasionally bring a 2nd female into estrus. The stress levels of a dog and the diet can also play a role in when it will come into heat. It’s always better to keep track of your female’s estrus cycle so that you are able to see if a pattern arises, which will aid in giving an idea as to when your dog will go into estrus again. If heat cycles are something you do not want to address, then it is recommended getting her spayed.

The majority of female dogs are sexually mature at six months, and generally go into heat every six months thereafter. However certain dogs can have split heats and come into heat at the three month mark rather than the six month mark.

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