Dog Grooming Tips for Beginners

dog bath

Owning a pet dog and keeping them properly groomed at all times can be very expensive but if you know how to groom them and take care of their physical needs can be helpful because you will also be able to minimize your spending. On the other hand, there are dogs that are not as behave as others do that it is why, you also need to find a professional groomer to help you in so many ways. It is hard to groom a dog if you are a beginner because you are not familiar with what they need at once even if you make a research. There are proper times for everything including dog grooming. Usually, the best time to introduce proper grooming and hygiene to them is while they are young.

Teaching tricks can also be done while they are young but there is always tomorrow but you need to very patient with them since old dogs are hard to catch up than puppies. You need to keep in mind that the grooming session shouldn’t be stressful to them so you need to start introducing it to them slowly and one by one. You need to be consistent with your setting and arrangements so your dog will be able to become comfortable and familiar with their new routine. What you need to do is that before you bathe them, you need to go through brushing unless they are short haired. If there are any tangles you need to brush them carefully so you will not hurt them. Remember, what you are doing to them will all mark in their memories so you need to be very careful.

When brushing and fixing tangles, you need to do this before bathing so it will be less painful. If you will be using a bathtub, you need to put bath towel first at the bottom of the tub to prevent your dog from slipping. This will prevent them from being scared since there are some dogs that are fearful too. For outdoor bathing, you shouldn’t do this on a rainy day to prevent them from being dirty again after bathing. Bathing a dog is also similar to bathing a baby; you need to get all the bathing supplies first before you start to make sure that you will not leave the dog unattended for a long time. You need to be very careful when you brush or shampoo them because there are dogs that can be easily irritated with shampoo and soap. You should also be careful not to get the shampoo into their eyes and the water into their ears since it will be irritated.

Being a beginner is hard when taking care of dogs especially those who are hard to listen. But when you start teaching them good grooming, you shouldn’t raise your voice to them so it will create a pleasant impression on them that when they are being groomed, it should be a fun and a nice experience they shouldn’t miss. All these process aims to keep them healthy and prevent serious dental and health problems later on in life.

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