Dog Burial Options


The loss of a beloved dog is a tragedy. When your friend and family member passes on, you need to decide what best method of disposal. There are many different options. You can cremate, bury, stuff, freeze dry and even wear your pet’s remains. Your dog will not be able to make up his or her mind on this important issue. You will have to do it on your own.


The traditional way, the old-fashioned way has always been burial. If you have a big back yard this may or may not be possible. It depends upon the by-laws and health laws of your city or county. If you live in an apartment, burial on your own property is not usually a viable option.

One possibility is a pet cemetery. These are found in various locations. You can select the site and pick the method of burial e.g. type of coffin. Some cemeteries have caretakers to ensure the graves are well tended. With this type of burial, you can arrange for flowers, specific head stones and other grave decorations or memorials. You can also visit when you feel like it.


Another option for your pet is cremation. There are several benefits to this method. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to burial. It is simple. There is no need to worry about what to do with the dog’s earthly remains. It is easily a preferred choice of urban dwellers.

A beneficial thing about cremation is portability. You are free to bring your dog’s remains with you anywhere you move. It is a simple and effective memorial to your dog. If you arrange for it, you receive the ashes back in a pre-selected urn or a simple box. You can then carry the urn ashes with you wherever you go. You can even mix-and-match the ashes of your various pets in one jar.

Alternatively, cremation offers you the chance to scatter the ashes. You can leave them at your dog’s favorite places or places. You can even keep some of them aside to carry with you. The advantage of cremation over burial is its portability. With the active styles of today’s people and the majority of them being urban dwellers, cremation is a very viable, sensitive and reasonable means of disposing of the remains.

Taxidermy and Freeze-drying

Stuffing your pet has always been an option for some people. Usually, famous animals came to be memorialized in this fashion. A high tech version of taxidermy is freeze-drying. It is a more natural and scientific way of ensuring your pet is with you in body always. Over the past few years the technique and the science behind taxidermy has resulted in this refined form of pet preservation.

Pet freezing allows a person to select a specific natural pose for their animal. You talk with the company about your preference. You can supply a photo, dictate specifics and supply exact details on the positioning of your pet. You then arrange to ship your now dead and frozen animal to their facilities. Here, they place the remains in a freeze dry unit, removing all moisture. After a period, technicians remove your intact animal and position it according to your directions. You are left with a life-like memory of your pet.

Pet Jewelry

While freeze drying your pet may be expensive, it cannot outdo another option. This combines the basics of cremation with the questionable art or at least taste of creativity. It is ash jewelry. In other words, you take the remains or some of the ashes of your pet to a specific jeweler. This person then blows it into glass containers. These are then fashioned into pieces of jewelry. As a result, your pet can be with you always – or at least every time you wear that particular necklace or bracelet. This method is clean, safe, unique and very, very expensive. It may also be a tad too weird for some.

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