Dog Training

Dog Training is a very broad topic and encompasses numerous different dog training techniques such as, clicker training, dog whistle training, shock collars, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and many more. Each canine training method has its pros and cons and might be right for some owners and their dogs and not right for another person and his/her dog.
There are many variables to properly training your puppy or adult dog, one huge variable is when during the dogs life you start training. If you start to train your dog when it is a puppy and maintain the training then the success rate is much higher then if training is started later on in the dogs life.
Most training can be done at home by the owner and the family, but consistency is key when doing any dog training techniques, if you think you and your family will have a hard time training or do not know where to start then it would be wise to enroll yourself and your puppy in an obedience class in your area. Most dog obedience classes will teach you and your dog the basics and will provide a solid foundation of training for you to build on and an added bonus of these training classes for a puppy is it is a great way to socialize your puppy to other people and animals.