Buyer Beware – Choosing a Breeder

So, you are in the market for a dog. You have your eye on a specific breed, a purebred and not a mixed breed or designer dog. You know the common advice. It is simple. If you want a healthy, registered purebred dog, you need to purchase him or her from a breeder.
The advice is indeed sound. The problem, however, is not all breeders are on-the-up. They are not certified. No government agency usually oversees their business practices. While the responsible and reputable breeders generally outnumber the unscrupulous ones, it is also best to do your homework. Research your breed and find out what you can about the perspective breeders. If you do, it will be easier for you to make an informed and wise choice.
What To do Before You Visit A Breeder
There are a number of things you can accomplish before visiting the selected breeder or breeders. It is important to be prepared. Do some background checks on the breed and the breeder. You need to check out the pedigrees of both parties.
  • Talk to others about the specific breeder. Find out about his or her reputation. Does he or she have a good name in the dog world?
  • Visit dog shows to see if the breeder is active in the show world. Look at the entries and listen to the talk. See how they do in the ring.
  • Confirm through the Kennel Club that this breeder actually has registered dogs.
  • While you are at the ring or talking to informed individuals, take serious note about what they have to say about the breed. It could turn out that you and the dog are not an ideal or even good match.
  • Go online and look at various dog sites. They can provide you with information on both breeders and your chosen or preferred breed of dog.
  • Check with a national kennel club to find out specifics about your preferred breed.
Check with local groups. Go to their shows or gatherings. Talk to the owners and handlers.
Make sure this dog is a match with your lifestyle and personality.
Once you have gathered all the pertinent information, make an appointment to visit the breeder or breeders on your list.
Choosing The Right Breeder
You have made the appointment. You show up at the kennel site. You are ready to talk about the dog of your dreams. How can you tell from your visit whether this breeder is genuine?
There are ways to reassure yourself on the validity of this particular breeder.  Make sure, however, you are prepared. You must know all you can about the breed. This will help you ascertain the character of this breeder’s kennel.
On your visit consider the following:
  • Take a good look at the premises. Have a check list. Observe whether the dog runs and abodes are clean. Do the puppies look healthy? How is the dam acting? Are the other adult dogs of good temperament?
  • Talk with the breeder. Is he showing more concern for the well being of the dogs than in you? Does he ask you many questions about you, your lifestyle, your expectations, your reason for buying this breed, etc. The more questions the breeder asks, the better a breeder he or she is.
  • Does the breeder require a home visit? Does he or she ask for initial and follow-up visits?
  • Does the breeder tell you that you cannot have a puppy immediately?
  • Does the breeder ask for references from your vet or other individuals?
  • What type of contract is at hand? Does it careful and clearly state the particulars?
  • Are there any restrictions on your purchasing the dog?
  • Can your breeder confirm the registration of the parents of this litter?
If your breeder asks many questions and answers yours clearly and knowledgeably, you have a reputable breeder. You may not immediately get a puppy, but when you do, you know that you and he or she has a better chance of being a lifelong match


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