Bull Terrier


Country of Origin: England
Life Span: 11-14 years
Bred For: Companion Dog
Coat: harsh, smooth and short
Color: white or any color with white markings. Brindle, fawn, brown and tan are common colors with or without white markings
Height: 21-22″
Weight: Male: 60-70lbs Female: 50-60lbs

The history of the breed goes back to the early part of the nineteenth century, and the bull terrier was created to satisfy the need for a dog that could both deal effectively with vermin and which could be bred for dog fighting and other similar activities. The ideal bull terrier was bred to be lightning fast and extremely dexterous and to have the impressive jaw strength and stubbornness of the bulldog, which had proved hopeless for dog fighting. The breeds that were produced would eventually turn into the modern breeds of the bull terriers and the Staffordshire terriers.

These dogs are very strong and can be very independent; these things together might make the dog a poor choice for a first time dog owner. They are quite intelligent, and though they are a breed that is known to be aggressive towards other dogs, they are quite friendly with people if they are properly trained and socialized. It is important to remember that these dogs are very strong-willed and they do have the strength to back it up. They do need good leadership and discipline if they are going to thrive and a good dog owner should look forward to a time when a small puppy will become a larger dog; mischievous play can take on a whole new significance when viewed in this light. They are very protective of children and they can, of course, be made into great guard dogs.

Upkeep and Grooming
Your bull terrier will have a short and fine coat, and they should be brushed about once a week with a firm bristle brush to make sure that it stays in good condition They need a lot of exercise and they should be trained regularly so that they stay mentally stimulated. They can enjoy romping around for quite a while. They should have an area to run around in and that they can exercise in and ideally, you will be able to come play with him. Though it seems that young puppies have boundless energy, do remember to rein it in a bit because you can harm young muscles through overwork.

Especially if you have a pure white dog, make sure that you check him for deafness. Also, be aware that this breed might have sensitive skin and they can sometimes have allergic reactions that result in hives, rashes, or itching. Also, make sure that you keep an eye on your bull terrier during the summer, when they can be prone to burning. Be aware that a bull terrier that is not given adequate mental stimulation can become prone to compulsive disorders, like obsessive licking, tail chasing, and even self-mutilation.

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