Country of Origin: France
Life Span: 12 – 13 years
Bred For: Retrieving and pointing
Coat: flat, wavy and of medium length
Color: liver and white, orange and white or tricolored
Height: 17-21″
Weight: 30-40 lbs


In the mid 1800s. The French crossbred small land spaniels with English Setters. Creating
Superior woodcock hunters with substantial noses. Numerous with stub tails. This dog breed shortly became common not  only with the French aristocracy, But also with poachers, because they’d both point and retrieve, and were exceedingly compliant – crucial characters for their underground actions. At 1st those birthed with tails were regarded as substandard. However in time they were recognised as long as their tails were cropped. The 1st Brittany dog breed (or Epagneul Breton) was registered in France in 1907. The Brittany dog breed was seen in America circa 1925. Huntsmen didn’t initially go for the dog breed. However the Brittany is at present the most popular breed at pointing field competitions.

The Brittany is a quick and curious dog breed. It’s independent in nature, yet is sensitive and responsive to commands.

The Brittany dog requires about 1 or 2 hours of exercise every single day. The coat of this breed isn’t particularly dense or long however does call for brushing once or twice weekly.

Concerns: Hip dysplasia, epilepsy
suggested tests: Hip

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