Briquet Griffon Vendeen


Country of Origin: France
Life Span: 12 years
Bred For: Hunt small game
Coat: Thick, bushy, medium in length
Color: White/Orange, White/Gray, Black/Tan, Tricolored, Solid Fawn, Solid Orange, Solid Gray, Solid Light Brown.
Height: 20-22″
Weight: 43-53lbs

This is a breed that originates from France and is a great dog for hunting hare and other kinds of small game. Unfortunately, it was after the Second World War that the Briquet Griffon almost became extinct. Dog lover and a judge of a dog show in France, Hubert Dezamy restored this beautiful breed. Well, today the Briquet Griffon is unknown in France. This is a dog that is not only rare in the USA but is also difficult to obtain.

The Briquet Griffon is a very well-built dog. It is hardy and bold, and just being around the dog (in a stranger to stranger setting) feels extremely intense. The Briquet Griffon breed is very athletic and agile and flows like a stream over rough terrain. This is a quick-thinking breed, which explains its fluentness and its know-what’s-coming-next in the wild open. The Briquet Griffon is a work of art and it knows how to exhibit its power and strength. The one feature that makes this breed unique and distinct is its coat.  Despite the intense feeling while being around the dog, this is a very jovial breed. They are extremely playful and fun-loving. The Briquet Griffon is independent and unruly, and this is the perfect dog to have in a home around older, thoughtful children. If they are raised with other dogs and also other household pets, this is a breed that will do considerably well. Look no further if you are looking for a dependable, hard-working and devoted dog, because the Briquet Griffon is all this and much more, and words cannot describe them.  Training this breed can prove to be a challenge, because this is a type of dog that is independent and is single-minded. They seldom respond to heavy-handed or harsh methods. You have to make sure that you are patient, firm, consistent and fair when you decide to train the Briquet Griffon Vendeen. If you cannot be any of these, then you will probably not get anything out of the dog.

Upkeep and Grooming
This is a dog whose coat requires regular combing. If this is neglected it could cause the coat to become matted. Luckily for the Briquet Griffon, you should only bathe this breed when it is most necessary. This is a very rare breed, and with this the health issues are minimal. However, there have been minor incidences of distichiasis and patella luxation.

Coat of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen
This is a type of breed that has not one coat, but two. The Briquet Griffon’s outer coat is dense, long and wiry. The hair which forms the eyebrows and the moustache is heavier. The Briquet Griffon’s undercoat is thick and soft.

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