Borzoi – Russian Wolfhound

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Country of Origin: Russia
Life Span: 10-12 years
Bred For: Hunting Wolves
Coat: Either flat or wavy, long and silky.
Color: Any
Height: Male: 30″ Female: 28″
Weight: Male: 75-105lb Female: 60-85lb

Borzoi were bred by the Russian nobility for hundreds of years. The 1st standard for the Borzoi was written in the 16 hundreds in a book written about hunting with Borzoi. Hunts using the Borzoi were grand events, and consisted of a couple or occasionally 3, and these Borzoi dogs would be let loose once a wolf was spotted. The Borzoi dogs would attack simultaneously, driving the wolf down and containing it till the hunters came.  The Borzoi would not kill or harm the wolf, and normally the hunters would release the wolf after.  Following the Russian Revolution, the aristocracy was essential no more, and because of this a lot of Borzoi were killed. The destiny of the Borzoi was essentially in the custody of foreign royalty who had been given Borzoi dogs by the former Russian nobility and there was also a small number of Borzoi kennels left in Russia. In the United States, the breed quickly acquired the reputation as the supreme glamour dog, frequently viewed at the side of celebrities.
This breed is quiet inside and full of life outside. They’re independent however really sensitive, and are restrained with unknown people. The Borzoi tends to chase after little animals, so is nota good dog if other small pets are in the same house.
Borzoi requires regular physical exercise, and the opportunity to run a couple of times a week.
The coat of this breed, which is characteristically fuller on males, calls for brushing or combing out 2 or 3 times each week.
Health Concerns
The major health concerns with the Borzoi breed are gastric torsion and heart problems.  It is suggested to have the heart tested on this breed.

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