Country of Origin: England, Belgium
Life Span: 7-10 years
Bred For: Trailing
Coat: Short and smooth
Color: Black and Tan, liver and tan, and red
Height: Male: 25-27″ Female: 23-25″
Weight: Male: 90-110lb Female: 80-100lb

The Bloodhound dog ancestors trace back to ancient times. The Bloodhound’s earliest forebearers were the black Saint Hubert hounds.  These Saint Hubert Hounds were documented in Europe by the eighth century, and In the twelfth century, a lot of Church high-ups were involved in the sport of hunting with these dogs, and the majority of monasteries maintained bred groups of these dogs. So perfectly bred were these dogs that they became known as “blooded hounds,” citing their pure blood and aristocratical breeding.
Bloodhounds have been living in North America since the middle of the eighteen hundreds.  Since that time the Bloodhound has established itself to be among the most utilitarian of dog breeds, employing its unmatchable sense of smell to find lost people and criminals.
Bloodhounds as a breed hold numerous trailing records for things such as length of trail followed and age of trail followed, and at one point in time were the only dog breed whose credentials were admitted in a court of law.
Bloodhounds are calm while in the home, however diligent trailers once on the trail of something. once this breed is on a trail of some sort, they normally cannot be called off. They’re tough, bullheaded, and autonomous, yet very docile and easygoing. They’re restrained with unknown people and animals.
Bloodhounds have to have a long walk or an equally physical play session every day.  This dog breed can drool a great deal, so the wrinkles on their face need regular cleaning. The ear tips of the bloodhound can drag in food, so they have to also be kept clean. The coat calls for only episodic brushing.
Health concerns with this dog breed are, eyelid problems, gastric torsion, ear problems, skin-fold dermatitis, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysphasia.  It is suggested to get the hips and eyes tested.

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