Bedlington Terrier


 Country of Origin: England 
Life Span: 12-14 years 
Bred For: Killing badgers, rodents and rabitts 
Coat: Combination of soft and hard hair 
Color: Blue, sandy and liver 
Height: Male: 17″ Female: 16″ 
Weight: 17-23lb 

The Bedlington Terrier comes from the Hanny Hills of Northumberland. In the end of the eighteenth century a form of game terriers was produced that became known as Rothbury Terriers, and the 1st Bedlingtons were derived from these dog breeds and maybe a few other crosses.  the end result was an nimble game terrier that was useful on badgers, foxes, otters, rodents, and even hares. By the end of the eighteen hundreds the dog breed had entered the world of show rings in addition to entering the homes of the upper class. At one point the liver color was commoner. Altho the blue has since exceeded it in popularity. The Bedlington Terrier lamblike looks attracts a lot of adorers, however the emphasis on dog show clipping at one point deadened the Bedlington’s popularity as a dog show dog. 

Bedlington Terriers are great companions, and are demonstrative, and faithful. They’re reasonably calm and quiet family dogs. They can be aggressive fighters when agitated by other animals or dogs, 

Betllington Terriers require a long walk or energetic play session each day. The coat calls for brushing several times each week, plus scissoring to contour the coat every other month or so. 

health concerns with the Bedlington terrier are Copper toxicosis, retinal dysplasia, and renal cortical hypoplasia.  It is suggested that you get the DNA tested for copper toxicosis and also test the eyes of this breed. 


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