Basics of keeping a pet fish


It is not very hard at all to keep a pet fish alive and happy. They are readily available in most pet stores for a few bucks. Given the fact that they are so cheap, many people don’t bother researching how to properly care for them. Contrary to what a pet store may tell you, keeping this fish happy involves more than ensuring it has fresh water and food. The Following are the tips on how to keep a pet fish and you will be on your way to a happy and healthy pet.

The ideal environment is at least a five gallon tank that does not have an aquarium filter or aeration system. Beta fish come to the surface of the water to get air, so you don’t have to fill the tank all of the way. They love having places to hide, so make sure that your tank has at least once or two artificial or live plants. They are known to jump out of water, so make sure that the aquarium you purchase has a lid. 

Like any fish, the beta needs clean water to live a happy life. You want to use room temperature water when you are changing the water, so keep a large container of water on hand at all times. Unless you notice that the water is very dirty, you should be alright with changing it once a week. If you can, remove at least fifty percent of the water during the change. You may want to move your fish to a smaller bowl while you are cleaning the tank. Tap water is fine for beta fish, but you may have to treat it with a chemical to remove the chlorine. Distilled water should never be used, as it is has had all minerals removed from it. 

You will want to feed your fish at least once a day. While most will eat fish flakes, you should try to get yours to eat pellets as they are healthier. In addition to feeding commercial diets, other foods that most fish love include live brine shrimp and mosquito larva. It is important that you do not feed your pet too much. The fish will simply ignore the excess food, which is going to cause the water in your aquarium to become dirty very quickly. 

Note that if this is your first aquarium you may want to select less expensive fish to start with. You do not want to spend too much on a fish only to have it die on you and unfortunately, there are no fish warranties. Guppies are a nice tropical option for the first-time buyer. Another thing to think about is how well fish will get along in a tank together because you do not want them eating each other. 


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