Bad Dog or Bad Owner?


When the owner calls the dog bad, the truth of the matter is the owner is probably the cause of this. There is nothing as irritating as a dog making a beeline for you as you are taking a walk down the sidewalk. Or your new neighbor has a huge dog that likes to leave piles of ‘calling cards’ in your front yard. Ultimately it is the way you train the dogs because they are only as bad kids who have not been raised very well. What can you say about pets and kids who belong to homes where the adults are not responsible themselves? Ask any good owner and he would admit that taking the help of a dog trainer is the best way to understanding dog handling without hampering his spirits. You need to ask at the vet’s office or local pet stores for names of trainers who hold private or group sessions with the pet and owner; or you could instantly access an online course and nip any behavioral problems in the bud right away.

This training program includes lessons where owners are taught how to control their pets. Trainers often mention however, that owners are more difficult to teach when it comes to dog training. Dogs need to practice when they are taught to walk with leash when they are taken out and for this they need to walk around in a yard or any other area. One of the behavioral traits is barking; however, this will often annoy almost anyone that can hear it. Barking is normal communication so it is no good punishing them for what comes naturally. When a dog needs attention, something to eat or drink, it will resort to barking. The dog barking can also show of potential burglars so shutting him up completely may not be a wise idea. Remember not to promote barking when he is a puppy and then get all worked up when he continues to bark even more as he gets bigger.

Trainers can help teach you how to reinforce behavior that you desire with both praise and treats. You could start rewarding and motivating your puppy so he will continue with the good behavior; most animals will normally stop doing things for which they get reprimanded. Most importantly, don’t expect your dog to learn a behavior that’s contradictory to his breed. To make your pet follow specific behavioral training, you ought to choose one from a breed with can give you what you need. Good dog behavior can be the result of patience, determination and the love you give to the animal.

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