Australian Terrier


Country of Origin: Australia 
Life Span: 12 to 14 years 
Bred For: Killing vermin like snakes, rates and mice 
Coat: Straight, harsh, medium length 
Color: Blue and tan, solid sandy or solid red 
Height: 10-11 
Weight: 12-14lb 

The Australian Terrier breed arose in Tasmania, where its ancestors were general-purpose companions’, killing Vermin and snakes, commanding farm animals, and voicing the alarm at trespassers.  A richness of dog breeds, largely terriers, were crossbred with this root stock, bringing forth a dog breed that was both functional and impressive in appearance.  The 1st of the dog breed was shown in the late 18 hundred’s as the broken coated terrier of blackish blue sheen.  The name was quickly altered to the blue and tan, the toy, then the blue terrier, then in 1900 to rough coated terrier, blue and tan.  While primarily recognised because of its blue and tan coloration, a red or sandy color was also observed amongst the early examples of the breed.  Shortly after the breed earned its way to England.  It came to the Americas in 1925, and acquired AKC acknowledgement in 1960. 
Australian Terriers are feisty, rugged, entertaining, and adventuresome.  They’re raring to please, making them among the more compliant terriers.  They fare reasonably well with other animals and family pets.  They’re restrained with strangers. 
Australian terriers require a walk or a play session every day.  Their coat requires a brushing once weekly, plus twice yearly stripping of dead hairs. 
Health concerns with the Australian terrier are patellar luxation, diabetes.  It is suggested that this dog breed gets its knees tested. 


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