Australian Shepherd


Country of Origin: United States
Life Span: 12 – 15 years
Bred For: Sheep Herding
Coat: Straight into wavy, moderate length
Color: Black, red merle, blue merle, or red, can have white markings along with tan markings
Height: Male: 20-23
Weight: Male: 50-65lb Female: 40-55lb

During the eighteen hundreds the Basque people of Europe colonized in Australia, taking with them their sheep and sheepdogs.  Not long thereafter, a lot of these sheepherders resettled to western United States, once more, complete with their dogs and sheep.  American sheepherders naturally nicknamed their dogs “Australian Shepherds,” because that was their past home country.  The rough expanses of Australia and western America laid demands upon the Australian Shepherd that it hadn’t confronted in Europe, however the Australian Shepherds quickly adjusted and excelled in these rough conditions.  The dog breed maintained a low visibility until the fifties, when it was featured in a favorite trick dog act that performed in rodeos of the day and was also featured in cinema.  A club was organized in 1957, and the 1st Australian Shepherds were registered with the National Stock Dog registry.  The AKC acknowledged the Australian Shepherd in 1993.
Australian Shepherds are bold, alert, self-confident, autonomous, and responsive.  Without enough intellectual and physical exercise, they can become disobedient.  They’re withdrawn with people they do not know.  They might attempt to herd children and small animals.  Dogs from working lines are more energetic.
Australian Shepherds require an energetic workout daily, preferably blending both physical and intellectual challenges.  The coat requires combing or brushing several times each week.
Health concerns with Australian Shepherds are cataracts, Collie eye anomaly, hip dysplasia, nasal solar dermatitis, pelger-huet syndrome, and ivermectin sensitivity.  It is suggested that you get the eyes and hips tested on this breed.

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