Country of Origin: Germany
Life Span: 12-14 years
Bred For: Hunting small rodents, lap dog
Coat: Harsh, medium length
Color: black, gray, silver, red, black & tan, or beige
Height: 9.5-11.5″
Weight: 7-9 lb

As among the first toy dog breeds, the Affenpinscher’s beginnings are unknown.  Little terriers skilled at slaying rodents were plentiful in central Europe by the seventeenth century.  In Germany they were employed to rid stables and homes of rats.  Still smaller variations of these dog breeds were preferred for noblewomen’ lap dogs, because they were capable to killing mice in the house, alert their mistress, and entertain entire families with their tricks.  This little variation in time became the Affenpinscher dog breed.  In 1936 the AKC acknowledged the dog breed.  The Affenpinscher’s name depicts it very well: affen, means “monkey,” and pinscher, means “terrier.”  In France the Affenpinscher dog is called the diablotin moustachu which means “moustached little devil” which depicts it very well.
Affenpinschers are active, devilish, curious, brash, naughty, and bullheaded.  They are inclined to bark and even climb.  They’re reasonably good with other dogs and animals.
Affenpinschers’ exercise requirements can be filled with energetic indoor activities or plays in the backyard, or with brief walks.  The abrasive coat requires combing 2 or 3 times each week, in addition to defining every 3 months.
Health concerns for this dog breed are Patellar luxation and it is advised that the knees be tested on this breed.

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